tisdag 8 juli 2014


I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing anything in like 2 weeks...!
so, I'm not an exchange student anymore. that kind of sucks! it will NEVER be the same, like I will come and visit everyone here and so but I won't be the exchangestudent anymore, just the former exchange student, yeah, it's strange! okey, enough about that!
my last few days were actually great, and they did also suck, but I did something all the time with friends or family. my class came to me and we did some BBQ, my girl group came to me and we chilled and had fun! didn't got the chans to say goodbye to two friends, and I was really sad about that...
went to the YES camp, met my friends and got some new friends! drank beer with my betreuer (the person I could talk to if I had troubles) because he worked there! drank alot of beer! talked about swedish food, like we were always hungry!
and my dad was supposed to pic me up, so got to meet him after 11 months! it was the best! so we went to Wolfsburg and the Autowelt and watched some cars. went back to Heek and stayed at my hostfamily for some days. showed my dad Heek/Ahaus. met Anna (she allready knew that I was coming back, but still I didn't got to say goodbye to her). told my other friend that I was in Ahaus so he got really happy (because he was the other one I couldn't say goodbye to). went to my school and surprised the class, because it was only 3 in my class that knew I was coming back so it was really fun. and my dad was also with me and looked at the school and so.
and after that did we chill some in the city, then did my dad go home so Lena, Kathi and I went to the park and chilled, and so did a friend come and we chilled with her and then came another friend and chilled with us. and I told him that I had planned to come back the whole time, so he was like "that was really mean of you, like I thought I didn't get the chans to say goodbye to you". hihih (a).
and on friday was it the last day of school, so it was breakfast in the school. so then did I get a photoalbum and a tshirt from my friends. it was really cute of them! and after school did we buy milkshakes and went to the park chilling!
and on the evening did I went to Lena with Kathi, and later did we go to Logo for some partying. and since I was driving did I only drink water, but it was okey. was just hanging out with my friends, dancing and stuff and then did I have to go home, and that sucked!! :(
so on saturday did me and my dad go to his aunt, and now have we been here for a couple of days and it's really strange to speak swedish again! ;o
and in a week are we going back to sweden, so I'm actually looking forward to that! :D

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 wreck this journal!
friends wreck this journal after I had it for 2 days!