fredag 21 februari 2014


trying to pack my bag, but it's not going so well! don't feel like doing it! but I have to, because I'm going to Munich tomorrow, for a week! it's gonna be awesome! :D

but 7 hours on a train am I not looking forward to.... but I'm fixing türkisch für anfänger on my phone at the moment, and I'm gonna bring a book. so hopefully it's not gonna be that bad on the train!

so, I wont be making any post for a week. but when I'm coming home you'll expect a "bildbomb" with alot of photos from the trip! :)

tisdag 18 februari 2014

Soon it will be over, and buried with our past

200 days in Germany today!
were supposed to go to the cinema with a friend, I was instead going home earlier from school and been laying in my bed the whole day with a warm water bottle on my stomach! and later did I watch a really good movie with my hostmom, desert flower, you should all watch it! it was really good!

so now am I supposed to take a shower, watch some "türkisch für anfänger" and then go to sleep. and I can sleep 2 hours longer tomorrow, cheeres on that one! :D

lördag 15 februari 2014

If you take it personal, that's okay

yesterday was it valentines day, or ich hasse euch alle tag (I hate everybody day) as me and Nadin named it! so I followed Nadin home after school, we went gift shopping in Gescher and then did we watch türkisch für anfänger der film! it was really funny! and got home at 22.30 and then I opend my valentine gift from my grandmother. it was swedish chocolate in heart shapes!

and today was it pottery, it was fun. like last time. we made some of our classmates, and laughed at them.

so now I'm gonna watch "türkisch für anfänger" and go to bed!

torsdag 13 februari 2014

I'm ready, ready, set to go

thursday, the best day of school!
I'm having 3 stunden (2:15) wirtschaftsinformatik. and I'm one of few that finds it kinda easy, but the things that we've been having have actually been kinda tough. and today we was starting with something new, but we had to have the resolutions from the thing we did before. so my teacher was printing the resolutions he had, so that we had the same, and it happend to be the one I had made because he found it good! and that was nice! :D

stolen from Rebecka

torsdag 6 februari 2014

And for a while things were cold

gah! why am I hating on like everything and everyone now! I actually hate standing up at 6 o'clock every fucking morning, I hate that I have a fucking cold again, I hate that we don't have any snow here, I hate that I haven't changed my phone to german and still have it in swedish (am afraid that I wont understand a thing when I'm doing it), I hate that I want to speak swedish to everyone, I hate that I sometimes find my german bad as hell, I hate that I couldn't watch the super bowl this year, I hate that my computer is fucked up like half the time I'm using it and I hate it that a friend wont text me back and is just ignoring me!

so now a few possitive things, I might have 3 stunden tomorrow and because of that I will get monday free (I'm actually just supposed to have 1 stunde tomorrow and 2 on monday, but that is just crappy when you can get one day of), tomorrow is my Nadins birthday so I'm going to her and then are we going to a club, and Lena and I are going to sleep there, so on sathurday are we going to make a big brunch, and later on sathurday are Lena and I going to a pottery course which will be fun! it's soon my birthday, meaning I'm getting presents and cake! my hair is getting so freaking long, just a few more (like 10 or so) centimeters and it will be as long as it was when I cutted it short the first time.

smile and think positive!

söndag 2 februari 2014

But dreams come slow and they go so fast

today a year ago were my dad and me supposed to go to his friend and watch the super bowl. but he was unfortunally sick so we couldn't come to him. so like 3 hours before elgiganten (a store where you can buy tvs, computers and that kind of stuff) closed came my dad and like "we're gonna go and buy a new tv, new computer for me and new speakers to our tv" and I thought that our tv was good enough. so we went buy a new 55 inches tv "just" for super bowl!
and later came another friend from my dad and we watched super bowl togheter, it was really fun and the first time I did it with my dad!
and today is it super bowl, but I have to stand up at 6 o'clock tomorrow. so I'm not going to watch it, which sucks a bit. might see if I get it working on my phone, then I might see some of it. if not, then I wont!

and it's 6 months in Germany today, just awesome! but only 5 months left.... which sucks, kinda much! cuz I love it here and I love my friends here!
so what did I do today?! went to the cinnema with my family and watched "Fack ju Göthe". a really funny movie, and I did understand most of it! can't belive how good my german have becomed in the last 6 months! and I do got 5 months to get even better!

lördag 1 februari 2014

I got love in my tummy

yesterday did Nadin follow me home after school. and I watched my first movie in german that I hadn't seen before and without english or german subtitle, and I did understand the whole (or at least 95 %) movie! it was so awesome!
and later came some other friends and we went food shopping and then back to me again and made raclette! it was really fun!