tisdag 31 december 2013


so the last day of 2013 is here, feels a bit unbelieveble! and this year hasa been just lovely! turned 18, took my driving license, bought a cat, went to Germany, got an awesome hostfamily and got the opportunity to meet some amazing people!

my new years eve will be spend at a friends house with alot of people, so its gonna be really fun!!

so here's some pictures that I like from 2013:

so I'm wishing you all a happy new year!


December and my fucking coldness came! been sick the whole December, which feels like shit!

got a December without snow (or it did snow one day, but it doesnt count)!

got to experience a new holliday, St Nicolaus! got alot of candy, still got some of it actually!

went to Dortmund and their christmasmarket with my family!

went to Münster and their christmasmarket with my two betreuers!

made cannamon (chocolate and vanilla too) buns with my hostsisters. first time I made buns by myself!

did donate blood for the first time in my life!

went partying with my friends and stayed up untill 5 in the morning!

got to experience a german christmas, and it was really nice! got really nice presents, from my family in sweden and my family here in germany!

went partying on stephanus steinigen!

went to Neumarkt/Deining, Bayern and meet my OSK family and exchangestudent friends!

måndag 30 december 2013


November and my 100 day in Germany came!

I finally got to meet my betreuer, two boys from Münster

went to the Zoo with my family, got to feed elephants!

sort of fell in love with autumn, cuz it looked so different from the autumn that I'm used to!

got back two tests with really good grades! which made me happy!

went to a friend from my hostmom and made some christmas decorations!

went to Dortmund with Fanny and was shopping!

söndag 29 december 2013


October and tag der deutschen einheit came! meaning I got two days of school, so went to holland and bought a pair of shoes and the day after I bought a Dirndl!

went to my first party that wasnt with my exchangestudent friends!

made tacos for the first time in germany!

started to write my blog in english!

my first german break started! so I went to IKEA with my family, which was really nice! went to Münster with Fanny, speaking swedish for a whole day! and went to Dortmund with two friends from school!

halloween came, but I got an infection in my toe. so I couldnt walk, so I was just sitting home and playing GTA!

lördag 28 december 2013

Things we've always needed to say

so yesterday I went to Soest, took 2 hours with train and bus, to meet Fanny! we had a great evening togheter, and today at 5:45 the bell was ringing! so up and make ourselfs redy, and then the journey beginn! and because we were two, the journey didnt feel that long! and on the second train we actually sat in first class! cuz we were to lazy to search for the second class, and when the woman came that were supposed to look at our tickets she didnt look on ours! so we got more space for our legs, and we got gummybears!
and when we got to neumarkt our friend Mert was there to say hello to us, so we went for a little walk in the city and it was really nice! and it feels so wierd being back here! but on the same time really great!

and later today I went back to neumarkt, and we went to a shisha cafe and later to a pub! had a great time, but now am I really tired and gonna go to bed! :)

 got neumarkt bier from my hostfamily here!