tisdag 27 maj 2014

It's the final countdown

didn't thought about it today untill I talked to my friend, but it's the 27th may. which means that I only have one more month here in Heek/Ahaus. which means that in one month am I not here, but in Berlin with other exchangestudents from europe, or former exchangestudents. omg, can't belive that it's soon over! :(
have done so much in these 10 months! actually thaught I was gonna get so much homesickness and go home after some months, but here I am. I did it (okey, in a month), so proud of myself!! :D

first photo in Germany, still unknowing of everything that was going to happen to me, unknowing of how much I was gonna grow as a person, unknowing of the amazing time a was gonna have, unknowing of how lovely friends I was going to make, unknowing of how such a great hostfamily I was going to get!

söndag 25 maj 2014

I want girls on bread

things I really have cravings for and want to eat on my first day back in Sweden:

  • palt with raspberry jam (you normaly eat it with lingonberry jam)
  • potatisbullar with raspberry jam (same thing here, you eat it with lingonberry jam)
  • havrekexs with butter and jul/påskmust
  • daddys BBQ 
  • bearnaise sauce (yeah pure on a spoon)
  • tacos (yeah, I can make it here but it still isn't the same)
  • semlor (omg, over 10 months without these good stuff it's killing me)
  • daimtårta 
  • Max grand de luxe steak burger (if max doesn't have it I'm so gonna sue them!)
  • lussebullar with julmust 
  • macaroni with cheese sauce
  • falukorv (but only in really small pieces)
  • makaronipudding
  • pasta with hamsauce
  • my moms salmon
  • BBQ halloumi
  • halloumi with pasta and creamfresh with flavour
  • falafelrulle 
but I doubt it that I'm gonna be able to eat all this on one day (and they doesn't have pallt in south of sweden where I'm going at first)

torsdag 8 maj 2014

throwback thursday

10 days exchange in germany with awesome weather was a really good start for our second schoolyear! different language, school, way of living, everything. made me realize this was something I wanted to do. here are some pics my lovely friend Eline took on this trip!