söndag 26 januari 2014

I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies

yesterday did I went home to a friend and we had a "männer abend". first did we go to a döner place and ate pizza and döner.  then to K+K and bought icecream and orange juice and then back to her place and watched movies and ate cookies, candy, popcorn and icecream. it was really nice and around 22 did it start to snow (snow mixed with rain, but still) but it didnt stay :(
and at 24 came my hostparents and picked me up!

torsdag 23 januari 2014

I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man

Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am!

got back a test in wirtschaftsinformatik today and got a freaking 2 on it (B i svenska betyg). and later we got to know what we are getting as end grade this semester. and I had a 2- on the last test, and actually do I have 4 for things that I say (muntligt). but my teacher said that he is seeing what I'm doing in class and that I understand things, so all togheter I have a 2-. that's freaking nice, and since we don't get + and - grades on or papers I'm getting a 2 as grade this semester! awesome! :D

and yesterday we got back another test, and the whole class did bad on that. like everyone had a 5. but I was just a little better than like half the class cuz I got a freaking 5+. that was also nice cuz it's a really hard class!

and I also might get a 4 in end grade in german, if my teacher is allowed to give me that. otherwise I'm gonna get a 5. like the grades actually don't matter, but a 4 would be a bit nicer than a 5 ;p

 gut means 2

tisdag 21 januari 2014

Cause we are one flesh, one breath, one life, one blood

yesterday I decided to watch green street hooligans. and it's such a good movie, but I hate/love the end. and I watched it without any subtitel, which got me thinking that some people only know there motherlanguage. and that's kinda sad! cuz you get so much from learning another language, or even a third or forth language. which also made me thinking that I actually got lucky not getting to USA cuz now I'm learning german. a language that's so freaking hard to learn, but I'm here and understanding almost everything. and in like 5 months I will be even better! it's so sick. and because of this I have a confession to make, my phone is still on swedish cuz I'm scared that if I'm changing it to german I won't understand a word...

another thing, I've started to do a bad thing. maybe not a bad thing for normal persons but for me. I've started to chew gum now and then. and that aint good for my jaws, my dentist has even told me that it's not good if I'm doing it. but now I've started, and everytime I'm putting a piece of gum in my mouth I'm thinking "I'm gonna regret this" and later when I'm spitting it out my jaws are fucked up and then I'm thinking "you were right Rebecka, I'm regreting this now!"

oh yeah, today I had the first 4 hours free. meaning I got to sleep untill 9. it was really nice, and when I got to school I had like 40 minutes or so untill I started so me and my friend was doing our homework.

I don't like posting texts without pictures, so here's a 4 years old picture of me ;p

lördag 18 januari 2014

Now, the party don't start 'til I walk in

yesterday me and some friends went to another friends house, where we drank and had a good time. and later came my german teacher and picked us up and brought us to Logo in Ahaus. it was so awesome that she did it. and my friend was like asking her "do we got any homework for monday?". haha, it was funny!

had a great time, started to talk to so many people that I didn't know. I always does that when I'm drunk. and at 4 or so did my hostsister pick me up.

so today I didn't feel that great, so been laying in my bed almost the whole day. and I do feel better now, so that's good.

onsdag 15 januari 2014

I don't know what to say

today have I been 166 days in Germany and it's 167 days untill my exchangeyear ends. tomorrow have I been 167 days in Germany and it's 166 days untill my exchangeyear ends.

the middlepoint of my year is here, and I don't know how to feel about it. like, the time has been running away and soon am I supposed to go home. but I don't want to do that! I love it here. I love my friends, my hostfamily and Germany! this is one of the best things I've decided to do! and I'm so glad that I got the chance to do it! I've grown so much as a person, and I got the opportunity to learn i new language. okey, still not fluent but I'm getting there! and I even started to read my first book in german, read it in swedish and english so I know what it's about. but it's hard, and it got almost 900 pages but I'm so gonna do it!

tisdag 14 januari 2014

Tjugondag Knut

tjugondag knut is a day that's twenty days after christmas, so januari the 13th. this day represent the end of christmas. so you take down all your christmas things on this day. and before christmas did I made a gingerbread house that we got to eat yesterday. and it was so good!

and I brought the rest of it to school today (still got alot of it left). so I was eating on it the whole day. and it was a nice day cuz I only had 4 stunden. first sport, then no religon so we went to McDonalds and I bought a McFlurry (of course) and then back to school for bio. and then home.

so what I'm supposed to do now? I wanted to play sims, but my computer is fucked up. so I might read a book, or something else ;p

söndag 12 januari 2014

Guess who's back, back again

so me and my sister were supposed to go swimming yesterday, but then she didnt want to. so me and my host dad went to rock'n'pop museum in Gronau. we were there for a few hours, and when I got home a friend picked me up and we went to Gescher to another friend and had a movie night. we only watched one movie and was talking trough it, and for the rest of the time as well. and at 23, or so, did we decied to go to K+K. so we did, I and two other friends had jogging pants on (my period pants as a call mine, cuz they good red paint between the legs). and we listen to Eminem and danced like retards! it was fun, but K+K were closed (closed at 22, and att 24 on mondays-fridays). so we went back home again to eat icecream.

and I wanted to go to a friend today, but it didnt happend. and that sucked! so I stayed at home, made my homeworks. and after we had eaten lunch we had to go for a walk, it took an hour. it sucked in the beginning, but it was kinda nice after a while. and when I got home I finished my homeworks, and then played sims!

and now I'm watching american football, and tomorrow is it school once again! woho!

fredag 10 januari 2014

Except to thank who's watching over me

been having two strange dreams the last two nights! like since I got to Germany I've started to remember my dreams alot more, and it's so strange! cuz in Sweden I never did that, and now it's like at least one time every week!

just have to say that I love my friends here in Germany. you get graded on what you are doing in classes here, and the hard ones (like all of them) I often don't say anything. and those few times when I'm rasing my hand I always get to say something. so in BWL (like economics stuff) we had to work in groups, and my group made me the klassensprecher (?) (the one that says the stuff the group wants to be said). so when it was like 10 minutes left our teacher asked which group that wanted to present their work. so of course did my friend rais her hand so that I had to say what we had (we had it all written down on a paper, but still). so I did it, fellt a bit horrible but nobody laughed at me and my teacher were proud of me for doing it! and I'm so glad for doing it! my german is getting better and better! :D

and tomorrow might my little sister and I go to coesfeld and swimming, and in the evening am I going to a friend and we are gonna have a movienight. it's gonna be so fun!

but now I'm going to bed, but first I'm gonna watch one of my favorite movies. Treasure Planet!

onsdag 8 januari 2014

And if we should die tonight

yesterday I got the biggest urge to see the second part from The Hobbit. so I searched for it on swefilmer, and it was there! I got really happy, and was happy for 2,5 hours untill the end! and it sucked that it ended, cuz I wanted to see more! and I can see the third part in the cinnema (I think that I will be back in sweden then). and it ended with such a good song, which I already had heard cuz a friend from me sended it to me the night before! and it soooo good! listen to it here:

so today was the first day of school! it was really fun to see all my friends again! love them soo much! one friend was tickeling me so we were running trough the hallways. running into people and on peoples feet. I hate being tickled!
and when I was going home I couldnt fit on the bus, which sucked so much! but after like 15 minutes or so came another bus and I could go home!
and I have to study for a test that I have tomorrow, yey! fun!

tisdag 7 januari 2014

Y'all want a single say fuck that

the last day of my brake is here. doesnt feel that great, but had an awesome brake. so that's good!
where supposed to hang with a friend today, but he had to work so that sucked pretty much! so had to find something else to do, so went jogging. first time in over a month! it really sucked when I was doing it, but now after a shower it feels just great! might do some homework, and later read a book or watch a movie or something!

don't have any new photos, so here's one from when my piercing was new!

lördag 4 januari 2014


my first time in Munich!

it was such a good idea to go to Munich!

fredag 3 januari 2014

always look on the bright side of life

so now I'm home after an awesome week in Bayern with my friends!
me and some friends went to a pub, where I had my first margarita. it was a frozen mango margarita and it was really good!
followed Fanny, her hostmom and hostmoms sister to a outlett. bought lindt chokolate and a freaking teddy bear! it's really cute!
had a playevening at a friends house, played some games, drank beer and ate icecream!
went to another friend where we had our new years eve party! it was really funny! did of course drink gansbräu hell beer from neumarkt! it's so good! and we played a game where you had to bring to really ugly gifts (wrapped), and then play with a dice and when you got a 6 you had to choose a gift. and when all had two you could open them. and then you had to play with the dice again, and if you got a 6 you hade to trade
your gift with someone else. I got like 7 magazines in german and a lufthansa kit.
and so came the new year and we where all outside cheering and having fun! and at 5.15 or so did my friends dad drive me home.
and on the last day we decided that we should go to Munich, so we did! and it was really fun! when we got there we first walked like 20 minutes to a burrito place, and then to a garden where we put on some music and dance. after that we went to St. Peter church and walked up all the stairs. and the view was amazing! you could even see the alps! it was soooo good! and then we tried to do some shopping, but I dont think anyone found anything and then we went home!
so today I had to wake up at 5.30 so that I wouldnt miss my train, and at 14 did my train arrive in Ahaus and I was home again! :)

got more pictures from Munich, but they are coming another day! :)