tisdag 31 december 2013


December and my fucking coldness came! been sick the whole December, which feels like shit!

got a December without snow (or it did snow one day, but it doesnt count)!

got to experience a new holliday, St Nicolaus! got alot of candy, still got some of it actually!

went to Dortmund and their christmasmarket with my family!

went to Münster and their christmasmarket with my two betreuers!

made cannamon (chocolate and vanilla too) buns with my hostsisters. first time I made buns by myself!

did donate blood for the first time in my life!

went partying with my friends and stayed up untill 5 in the morning!

got to experience a german christmas, and it was really nice! got really nice presents, from my family in sweden and my family here in germany!

went partying on stephanus steinigen!

went to Neumarkt/Deining, Bayern and meet my OSK family and exchangestudent friends!

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