måndag 23 december 2013


the months of jokes came and so did the easter break, my sister and my aunt and cousin!

i pierced my septumb, without my parents knowing about it. actually thought my dad would freak out and make me take it out, but no, he was just like "she's 18, she can do what she want". and my mom was the one who freaked out, didnt see that one coming. but she was also ok with it after a while.

me and my mom decided that we maybe should get a cat cuz I was going away in the summer for a year. but since the both of us are allergic against animals was there a possibility that we couldnt buy one. so we went to a testhouse and tried a special catbreed. and we could handel it. and then we found kittens and went visiting them. unfortunately  did I react to much...

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