lördag 21 december 2013


So February came, and so did my "sundsvallsbyxor" as well! and it was such a good thing to buy!

I made my schedule a lot better than I had before, which made school funnier ;)

me and my mom opend our home for a french girl for a week, and it was nice. went skiing and snowbordning with the other french people and the swedes that had them! a guy even lost one of my gloves (luckily for me a got it back a few days later!)

made a news paper with two of my friends plus another girl, which (according to us) turned out as the best one from the class. even our teacher said that it looked better than our school papers ;p

the fatty day came "fettisdagen" and I ate fatty buns "semlor" and it was delicious!

my cousin came visiting me (and my family) and we had a great time togheter! :D

my dad went "crazy" and bought a 55 inch flatscreen tv so that we could watch superbowl later that night! meaning I was really freaking tired the next day in school because the lights went out for like half an hour. but it was so worth it becaus it was a good game!

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