fredag 13 december 2013

Se, på vår tröskel står, vitklädd med ljus i hår

today it's friday the 13 but also Lucia. so at english today I had to describe what's it is, cuz they don't have it in germany. and it came as surprise for me, and I really don't know the whole history behind it. but at least I tried!
and I really want to make Lussebullar (google it) but I'm soooo freaking thorned about doing it. cuz I'm gonna get so homesick if I'm doing it but at the same time they taste sooo good that I want to do it! haha, we'll see if I'm gonna make some or not ;)
like, it's freaking in the middle of december and still no snow. and only one more schoolweek. it soooo doesn't feel like it's christmas in 11 days. crazy! I even had a visitor earlier today, a freaking fly in december! yeah, it feels kinda crazy!!
oh, btw, got a package from my dad yesterday. some christmas candys, so was eating some of them today instead of a lussebulle, pepparkaka och ett glas julmust.
on sunday are my family and me going to Dortmund and the christmas market there! looking forward to that! :)

earlier this year from the balcony at my dads apartment :)

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