söndag 25 maj 2014

I want girls on bread

things I really have cravings for and want to eat on my first day back in Sweden:

  • palt with raspberry jam (you normaly eat it with lingonberry jam)
  • potatisbullar with raspberry jam (same thing here, you eat it with lingonberry jam)
  • havrekexs with butter and jul/påskmust
  • daddys BBQ 
  • bearnaise sauce (yeah pure on a spoon)
  • tacos (yeah, I can make it here but it still isn't the same)
  • semlor (omg, over 10 months without these good stuff it's killing me)
  • daimtårta 
  • Max grand de luxe steak burger (if max doesn't have it I'm so gonna sue them!)
  • lussebullar with julmust 
  • macaroni with cheese sauce
  • falukorv (but only in really small pieces)
  • makaronipudding
  • pasta with hamsauce
  • my moms salmon
  • BBQ halloumi
  • halloumi with pasta and creamfresh with flavour
  • falafelrulle 
but I doubt it that I'm gonna be able to eat all this on one day (and they doesn't have pallt in south of sweden where I'm going at first)

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