onsdag 31 december 2014

Bayern throwback

I suck at making posts here, but it feels like that I have nothing to write about. like, going to school every day, which sucks! but it's only a half year left! how amazing isn't that?! but I do have to get my shit together and get all schoolwork done by that time!

last year at this time, me and Fanny had went back to Bayern to meet our old friends and spend new years eve with them! as we went there, we sat in the first class in the train, even though we didn't have first class tickets! and even got candy! (y)
we got to see neumarkt again, and it felt like old times again! went to our old bar, and also to some new ones just drinking! played our game "wer bin ich?" (who am I?) old times <3
went to aa big outlet with Fanny, and her old hostmom. bought a small teddy bear called Skorpan! :D
and we went to München, and I fell in loved with this city! it's just the best city! <3

 piggyback ride!
such a good week! <3

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