lördag 6 december 2014

I stood with my brothers

I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing anything here for like months! but I have so much in the school, and I really don't know what I should write about! like, how crappy the weather is, it's in the middle of december and when I look outside it looks like it could be in october or march! and I was hoping for a christmas with snow... okey, it can still come snow, keeping my fingers crossed!

oh, being back in school was like the best! me and a friend (he was also an exchange student) was walking around in the halls and saying hello to all the teachers the first day! it was soooo amazing! and my new class is also sooo good! they were really nice and welcomed us all really good!

I still have pictures from Skåne with Kathi and Lena that I have to post, so I might do it later today or tomorrow (if I have the pics on this computer).

now I'm gonna eat something, take a shower and then go to a christmas market with my friends, and after that ice skating! :D

me and Bubblizz!

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