torsdag 31 oktober 2013

make a noise and make it clear

yey, fun halloween.... not! just sitting at home, playing GTA or watching friends. can't walk good cuz my toe is hurting. but it's better today after I was at the doctor. he cutted it open and took out all blood and some yellow thing (var på svenska). and when we was going home I couldnt fit my shoe cuz I got bandage on my foot. höhö! and since I'm eating antibiotika I'm not allowed to drink alcohol or milk (have to wait an hour after I've taken a pill). and the best is to take them with food, and I'm like only drinking milk so that suck as well!!!
the good things is that I can sit down and do nothing and ask my sister to get things for me cuz my toe hurts ;p and I cant have sport next week ether! :D

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