lördag 2 november 2013

And that's the magic number

three freaking months in germany today! can't belive it! it's been so fast! like, soon I'm gonna sit on the train to the YES camp in Berlin! I'm soooo glad that I got the chanse to do this! and my german is soo getting better. can almost have a conversation in german. that's good. and like when my friends write to me in german I understand most of it, and can sometimes answer in german!

anyways, today was it my turn to make lunch! so of course it was time for some meatballs! and it was like the third time I did it from scratch. and it's kinda funny, cuz it was the second time I did it in germany.
and my hostfamily really liked it, which I enjoyed!

on monday is it school again! yay! I had two weeks of break, which I actually don't like! it feels like it's gonna be harder to get up in the morning! and since I had to sit home with my foot for a couple of days on my brake wasnt that nice either!

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  1. Du borde seriöst ha N11b på din studentmössa ;) Det är ändå ingen skillnad, man har alla lektioner med helt blandade klasser.. Tex det är typ 5 pers som har varit utbytesstudenter eller går om ett år som är skrivna i vår klass men inte har en enda lektion med mig iaf (vad jag vet), de kommer knappast ha N11b på sin ;)