fredag 18 oktober 2013

Not lost, not blown away

I promised my friends that I'm gonna write in english so that they also can understand what I'm writing at my blog. hopefully I'm not gonna make so many mistakes, but we'll see about that ;)

anyways, last day of school today and 2 freaking weeks of break! love it! had a dutch test today, and I didnt practice so much before and I actually thought that it was gonna go horrible. but I think it went really well. but I can't be sure untill I get to see the results ;p

next tuesday are me and my family going to IKEA in holland, and I'm really exited for that! and on wednesday am I going to Münster with Fanny! it's gonna be soooo fun to meet her again after 2 months!

 went running yesterday, was dead afterwards!
this is suuuuch a standard picture for me to take ;p

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