måndag 21 oktober 2013

Yeah I’m so damn grateful

yeah! finally I got my break! and it feels awesome! so saturday was of course cleaning day, and after my room was clean me and my sister made cupcakes and then I went running, again! 2,6 km! I'm sooo proud of myself!

yesterday did we go to Ahaus to a flohmarkt, and my little sister and I had pretty fun! bought two books each, made buttons and got ballons with helium. so we sang "alle meine entchen" with helium voices! that was funny! :D

today wasnt that fun! we had to fix the garden, and it took about 5 hours! it sucked! but it was such a relief when we were done!!! but me and my sister went for a walk in the middle of it, and played a bit at some playgrounds! :)

by the way, I've been dreaming really strange dreams since I got here! but they are still in swedish! I'm soo looking forward to have german dreams! but I've startet to think in german, so it's a mix of english, swedish and german! and that might be the reason why I'm kinda tired all the time! ;p

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