onsdag 23 oktober 2013

We're just having fun

Swedish day x2

yesterday me and my family went to IKEA in Holland! and it was sooo fun to see and read swedish again! I also bought julmust, a swedish drink you drink around christmas. it tasted delicious!!!! :D
they also had "lördagsgodis" (saturdaycandy), and I started to cry a bit cuz I really missed it!! :(

today I went to Münster and meet uo Fanny there, and we went shopping the whole day! and it was soo fun to speak swedish again! and it was funny, cuz we got asked 3 times where we were from! the first time the guy said that he had a friend in Sweden and said "hejdå" (goodbye) when we left! the second time we tought the girl to say "hej" (hi) and "hejdå" (goodbye). and the third time the guy made a strange face, and than shoke is head. and like a minute later he came up to us and said "jag älskar frappuccino" (I love frappuccino).
I bought alot of clothes, and we walked alot. so now my legs are hurting as hell, and I'm going to bed soon! ;p

 found this cap, and I really wanted it. but I don't wear caps and it was expensive

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