tisdag 26 november 2013

yeah, I work out

today I had spinning in sport class. and it so horrible, but at least I did it. and good! and after that me and some friends went to McDonalds cuz we didnt have any religion (it was klausur, and those who didnt write that had free). so first 50 minutes spinning, and than walk for about 15 minutes. got a ride back with one classmate which was nice! so I was really tired when I got home today, so I'm gonna go to bed early today. yey! :D

I did, of course, buy a happy meal. and you got a furby. and it's sooo cute. and on the happy meal box was it two bracelets. one with a furby and one with transformers (you could get a transformer or a furby). and the one with a furby was to small for me so a classmate got it. and I have the transformer on! :D

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