fredag 29 november 2013

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill

yeah! good week this week!
monday was just normal.
on tuesday I had no relli and went to McDonalds!
on wendesday was there no niederländisch, meaning I was ending 2 hours earlier. it was really nice!
yesterday did I have wirtschaftsinformatik, and we did get a test back. and I got a 2- (B- i svenska skolsystemet). it was really nice! and in SL-note (muntligt typ) did I get a 3-, so I have a 3+ in wirtschaftsinformatik! :D
and today in niederländisch did we get back the klausur (nationella typ) that we wrote the week before the autumn break. and I got a 2- on that too! that was really nice!! :D
and tomrrow is me and Fanny going to Dortmund togheter and gonna shop like hell ;) it's gonna be nice!
and I'm soon going to a friend cuz she has a birthdayparty today! :D

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