fredag 27 december 2013


August and my journey to Germany came!

my aunt and cousin came the last day I was there, we had a great time untill the last hour when I started to yell really much at my sister. even trew shoes at her. and that was how I said goodbye to her, because she was also going home that day!

later that evening I went to a friends house and she was having a party with dinner and everything! so had a really great time with them and when I was finished I went home and packed my bag! it took forever!

and so came my day! my dad even went with me down to stockholm. which was really nice!
and then of to Germany, München!

had 3 wonderfull weeks in Neumarkt in der oberpfalz with 8 other exchange student! volksfest, school and parties!

and then 7 hours on a train to Heek and my hostfamily! and my exchangeyear did like start for real!

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