torsdag 26 december 2013


July and the last month in Sweden came!

was studyin as hell for my driving license! and passed the test and all! which was the best thing I've ever made!

my dads cousin and her husbend came visiting us, and then did we went to Luleå and visiting my dads brother and his wife!

me and my sister bought a inflatable boat and went on Umeälven (the river in Umeå) for 4 freaking hours! and when we got home we went to Frasses (a hamburger place) and bought burgers! I even drove, and my sister was complaining!

me and some swimming, drove this time as well like a boss! and then did we went to Media Markt and watched despicable me in 3D and took photos on their Macbooks and made them as homescreen photos! and then to Kvantum (supermarket) and bought icecream! a good way to say goodbye to my friends!

my cousins from Uppsala came to Umeå, so went eating dinner with them and had a great evening!

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