söndag 1 december 2013

Hit me like a ray of sun

the party on friday was fun, even got invited to another party on saturday (unfortunaly I didnt make it cuz I was so tired after a whole day in Dortmund)
yesterday in Dortmund with Fanny was really fun! the first thing we did was to go to starbucks, cuz Fanny wanted to buy coffee! and they are always writing your name on the cup, and Fanny got back hers it said "Vany" and omg what we laughed! (V is pronounced F in german). and after that the shopping began! found 2 gifts to 2 of my hostsisters. but no new years dress!
and when I went with the train back home I totally forgot to buy a ticket, so it got really cheap to go to Dortmund! and my hostdad picked me up in Ahaus, and then we went eating in a small restaurant here in Heek and then I followed my hostmom and two sisters to the christmasmarket here in Heek. it was nice!
and today is it december first, without snow! it feels sooooo strange! and I didnt feel good today, but I went to another christmasmarket with my family. and that was nice! and when we got home, I went to bed and sleept for an hour!
now I'm watching american football, and my team is leading. so hopefully they will win! :D

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  1. omg douchebilden i början ;p so what we smoke weed

    1. vattenpipa! (y) <3 we're just having fun!