måndag 9 december 2013

Jag ser en hövding

yesterday was it Nikolaus tag in the church, so me and my family went there and I got a bag with candy! yey! and after that we're we supposed to go to my hostdads siter cuz she was having her birthday, but I had a headache and wanted to skype with my dad cuz it was his birthday as well.
so we skyped for like an hour, cuz he had to go to my grandparents, so then did I skype with my mom for like an half hour or something like that. and then my dad came to my mom and I skyped with both of them for like two hours. really needed! I've missed them sooo much! it's like a got almost 7 months left of this journey. "just" 6 months and three weeks. and "just" got two meanings, like omg there's almost no time left it's just running away from me and like omg can't it go faster so that I can see my parents that I miss like hell! that's whats being an exchangestudent is all about!

tomorrow am I in charge of the music in the sport class, made a playlist with only swedish songs. hopefully they'll like it ;)

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