lördag 7 december 2013

let it snow

I've been home, sick the last two school days. and was supposed to go to Münster today to the christmasmarket. but I can't cuz I'm sick. so that's not so funny... oh well, going to Dortmund next friday to the christmasmarket there! :D

sometimes I do feel like a bad daughter, cuz I havent been speaking to my mom in like a month. I speak to my dad now and then, cuz he got whatsapp. but today he told me that my mom also got whatsapp. so now I'm not gonna be such a bad daughter! :D

and yesterday was it St. Nicolaus. so I had to put out a shoe the night before, and when I woke did I have candy in it, and it was a bakelse (?) that looked like a shoe next to it! and in the kitchen was there 4 plates with candy and stuff on them. one for every kind. and outside was there just a little bit snow, so it was a good day. but the snow is now gone... :(

2 kommentarer:

  1. Haha saknar Waldorf nu, vi fick alltid godis i skorna på Nikolaus-dagen <3 Har för mig att vissa hade med sig extraskor bara för att få extragodis ;p

    1. godis äger, har så stört mycket godis på mitt rum! inte undra på att jag bara går upp i vikt här nere ;)