onsdag 8 januari 2014

And if we should die tonight

yesterday I got the biggest urge to see the second part from The Hobbit. so I searched for it on swefilmer, and it was there! I got really happy, and was happy for 2,5 hours untill the end! and it sucked that it ended, cuz I wanted to see more! and I can see the third part in the cinnema (I think that I will be back in sweden then). and it ended with such a good song, which I already had heard cuz a friend from me sended it to me the night before! and it soooo good! listen to it here:

so today was the first day of school! it was really fun to see all my friends again! love them soo much! one friend was tickeling me so we were running trough the hallways. running into people and on peoples feet. I hate being tickled!
and when I was going home I couldnt fit on the bus, which sucked so much! but after like 15 minutes or so came another bus and I could go home!
and I have to study for a test that I have tomorrow, yey! fun!

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