fredag 10 januari 2014

Except to thank who's watching over me

been having two strange dreams the last two nights! like since I got to Germany I've started to remember my dreams alot more, and it's so strange! cuz in Sweden I never did that, and now it's like at least one time every week!

just have to say that I love my friends here in Germany. you get graded on what you are doing in classes here, and the hard ones (like all of them) I often don't say anything. and those few times when I'm rasing my hand I always get to say something. so in BWL (like economics stuff) we had to work in groups, and my group made me the klassensprecher (?) (the one that says the stuff the group wants to be said). so when it was like 10 minutes left our teacher asked which group that wanted to present their work. so of course did my friend rais her hand so that I had to say what we had (we had it all written down on a paper, but still). so I did it, fellt a bit horrible but nobody laughed at me and my teacher were proud of me for doing it! and I'm so glad for doing it! my german is getting better and better! :D

and tomorrow might my little sister and I go to coesfeld and swimming, and in the evening am I going to a friend and we are gonna have a movienight. it's gonna be so fun!

but now I'm going to bed, but first I'm gonna watch one of my favorite movies. Treasure Planet!

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