söndag 12 januari 2014

Guess who's back, back again

so me and my sister were supposed to go swimming yesterday, but then she didnt want to. so me and my host dad went to rock'n'pop museum in Gronau. we were there for a few hours, and when I got home a friend picked me up and we went to Gescher to another friend and had a movie night. we only watched one movie and was talking trough it, and for the rest of the time as well. and at 23, or so, did we decied to go to K+K. so we did, I and two other friends had jogging pants on (my period pants as a call mine, cuz they good red paint between the legs). and we listen to Eminem and danced like retards! it was fun, but K+K were closed (closed at 22, and att 24 on mondays-fridays). so we went back home again to eat icecream.

and I wanted to go to a friend today, but it didnt happend. and that sucked! so I stayed at home, made my homeworks. and after we had eaten lunch we had to go for a walk, it took an hour. it sucked in the beginning, but it was kinda nice after a while. and when I got home I finished my homeworks, and then played sims!

and now I'm watching american football, and tomorrow is it school once again! woho!

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