söndag 2 februari 2014

But dreams come slow and they go so fast

today a year ago were my dad and me supposed to go to his friend and watch the super bowl. but he was unfortunally sick so we couldn't come to him. so like 3 hours before elgiganten (a store where you can buy tvs, computers and that kind of stuff) closed came my dad and like "we're gonna go and buy a new tv, new computer for me and new speakers to our tv" and I thought that our tv was good enough. so we went buy a new 55 inches tv "just" for super bowl!
and later came another friend from my dad and we watched super bowl togheter, it was really fun and the first time I did it with my dad!
and today is it super bowl, but I have to stand up at 6 o'clock tomorrow. so I'm not going to watch it, which sucks a bit. might see if I get it working on my phone, then I might see some of it. if not, then I wont!

and it's 6 months in Germany today, just awesome! but only 5 months left.... which sucks, kinda much! cuz I love it here and I love my friends here!
so what did I do today?! went to the cinnema with my family and watched "Fack ju Göthe". a really funny movie, and I did understand most of it! can't belive how good my german have becomed in the last 6 months! and I do got 5 months to get even better!

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