torsdag 6 februari 2014

And for a while things were cold

gah! why am I hating on like everything and everyone now! I actually hate standing up at 6 o'clock every fucking morning, I hate that I have a fucking cold again, I hate that we don't have any snow here, I hate that I haven't changed my phone to german and still have it in swedish (am afraid that I wont understand a thing when I'm doing it), I hate that I want to speak swedish to everyone, I hate that I sometimes find my german bad as hell, I hate that I couldn't watch the super bowl this year, I hate that my computer is fucked up like half the time I'm using it and I hate it that a friend wont text me back and is just ignoring me!

so now a few possitive things, I might have 3 stunden tomorrow and because of that I will get monday free (I'm actually just supposed to have 1 stunde tomorrow and 2 on monday, but that is just crappy when you can get one day of), tomorrow is my Nadins birthday so I'm going to her and then are we going to a club, and Lena and I are going to sleep there, so on sathurday are we going to make a big brunch, and later on sathurday are Lena and I going to a pottery course which will be fun! it's soon my birthday, meaning I'm getting presents and cake! my hair is getting so freaking long, just a few more (like 10 or so) centimeters and it will be as long as it was when I cutted it short the first time.

smile and think positive!

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