onsdag 5 mars 2014

Karneval ist nur einmal im Jahr

so over a week since I wrote anything here, but I was in Munich. going to make a post about it later when I got time. and then was it karneval. on sunday did I go to Stadlohn with Nadin, as soldiers, and watched the "train" and got candy and popcorn. my teacher was even in the "train" and I got popcorn from him, that was nice! and when we were standing and looking at the "train" did Nadin and I get two small bottles with alcohol and they have a number on them and you have to hit it so many times and then drink it. he also told us that if we wanted we could take beer from a bag on the ground. he did later give me a beer, and then another beer. and at 20 did we went to a club and danced and had fun!
and on monday was it time again, so I went to Wühlen with Lena and Julia. had a really great time! it sucks that we don't have karneval in sweden, but that also means that I'm gonna come back here and party on karneval with my friends!
and on thuesday was it school, and that wasn't soo fun with a freaking hangover! but we did order döner/kebab to our last break. and that was soooo good! :D

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