torsdag 3 april 2014

Mittelseminar day 7 and 8

So our last whole day together was here! and the first part of the day was talking about what we had done the whole week and looking forward on our last moths in germany!
and the second half was preparing for our "Gala abend", so and some girls were making a dance to "That's whats makes you beutiful".
so the evening came, and it was really succesfull! alot of different performances and lot of laughter.
and when it was finished was it time to pack my bag. which sucked, but I did manage it!

and so came the "going back home" day. saying goodbye to everyone and then did I go with some other almost the whole way, so I did have company. which was good, made the trip feel alot shorter than it actually was! :)

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