lördag 5 april 2014

The Kurts

so yesterday was it finally time for "The Kurts", a tribute band to Nirvana! and we were really excited! they were supposed to start playing at 21, but started at 21.30 or something like that. and when the first song was playing was like everyone kinda shy, there was like 2 meters from the stage to the first people. so when the first song was over did the singer say that we should come closer and that we could come up on stage and do stagedives and so. so a guy was doing some stagediving, and I also wanted to do that but I was to scared to do it. but after like another 2 songs did the bas player ask where all the ladys where and was like "the lady who's doing a stagedive is getting a price, a beer or comicbook". so I was jumping up on stage and got a comicbook. and I did of course do a stagedive, and it was really funny! :D
so we were dancing and having fun, got up on stage another time whit a boy and he was starting to talk in the microphone so I did it as well. tried to get my friends to come up on stage, and all of a sudden was the singer standing behind me with his face next to mine. so I thought I was gonna give him a kiss on the cheek, but it ended up on the lips (and he kissed me back). so yeah, I've kissed "Kurt Cobain".
and at the end of the concert did a get up on stage and got a boy with me. so we were standing there, enjoying the music and having fun. and then did they play "Rape me", so at the end did we sing along in one of the microphones! that was really funny! but then did the concert end, which sucked. so me and this boy (Marc) was going out, just chilling for like an hour or something like that, then did we go to McDonalds ate some fries and then did my hostmom pick us up and I got to go sleeping! :)
and now do I have some bruises on my leg, some on my elbow and one under my eye! :D

head massage, yes please!

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