måndag 28 april 2014

You are forgiven

sorry for not writing in over 3 weeks.

had easter break for 2 weeks, and it was so nice finally getting a break from school (ok I went to Bayern for a week which also was nice). but I do think it's a bit better in sweden (yeah, we do only have 1 week break but then we do have 1 more break and also longer summer break). like we don't get so much homework (read none) but we then got longer days but also lunch for free in the school so we don't have to bring anything to eat and so. oh, supposed to talk about my break! helped Lena move the first saturday (her room was a total mess when I got there and looked really nice when I went back home). and on thuesday did Fanny came here, and it was really fun! talked about everything that's bin happening since last time (january). on the first evening did we go to some friends from my family and did some BBQ, it was nice. on wednesday did we went to Enschede, Holland, and did some shopping. and on thursday did she have to leave :(
and so did the easter came, got a chocolate egg, went to church, did go on a "church walk", did some BBQ buy the neighbours with a small fire, went to the big fire with my sister and two neighbours (one is an exchangestudent from Costa Rica), went to the neighbours in just my pj's so that we could watch a movie togheter, went to my hostgrandad ate some cake. it was a nice easter, but I didn't have any "påstmust" and it sucked a bit :(
so on thuesday did I go to Lena, and we went to another friend and did some BBQ in the sun. it was such a nice day! it was really hot outside, and we sat outside untill 22 or something like that, and then did Lena and I go to Burgerking and ate some burgers and then did I went home. and on wednesday did also go to Lena, we made some dinner and chilled that evening! on thursday did my hostsister and I make a picknick and then did I go to Nadin and was sleeping there. and we bought food that we thought we could make in the middle of the night, but instead did we both fall asleep at like 1 or something like that. so we made the food to breakfast on friday instead. and then did I go to a animalpark with my hostmom and a hostsister! it was really nice! and on saturday did I go to IKEA with Lena. bought some "påskmust", swedish chips and candy. didn't know I had missed the chips untill I tried them! they were soooo delicious. then did we go to Lena and had a makeup party! and on sunday did I only chill, talked a bit with my dad in the evening. needed that! :)

so today was the first day in school, I hadn't been missing school. but I had really missed my friends (even though I saw them in the break, but not all of them) so it was really nice seeing them again! :)

got more pictures from the animalpark on my camera, might post them when I got time!

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  1. Wad hände med min kommentar! I alla fall, jag är borta 28 juli till 13 augusti ;)