onsdag 11 juni 2014

No one will ever take them down

this weekend did I have "pfingstferien". meaning, long weekend. on saturday did Lena and I go swimming, and she also asked me if I could sleep at her because she was going to take care of her sister that evening. so I slept at Lenas. and we had so much fun. played some sims (it only worked for 10 minutes and then did the computer die). tried to make a own song on the computer (ours turned out really good, but we did not finish it cuz the computer was so slow). walked the dog in really sexy outfits (we were hoping on that nobody was out, but the first thing that happend was a car drove by us and laughed at us. and then when we wanted to go on the normal route did we hear a lot of people coming from that road. it turned out that it was a house party, so we had to walk somewhere else). and after that did we go to bed cuz we were really tired!
the next day did I take the bike home (took about 50 minutes) and like an hour after I came home it started to rain really bad! so I was lucky with the weather. did chill the rest of the day, which was nice!
on monday was it a market or something like that in the village nearby. so we went there, and it was hot as hell. but it was also fun, and then did we went back home, and the rest of the day did I spent inside cuz it was tooooo warm outside!
yesterday was also a chill day, first did my sister and I sit outside reading books and then did I went to Ahaus to the cinema with Lena and Nadin! it was also fun!
yeah, it always fun with a break! and I do only have 9 days of real school left! and in 20 can I meet my dad again! :D

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