söndag 10 november 2013

At the height of the fighting

omg! today I've been 100 days in Germany! tresiffrigt!! can't belive it! soon it's been a third part of my year, it goes sooo fast! like, soon I'm gonna sit on the train to Berlin and like then it's gonna be over! omg, freeeeeeeakyyyyyy!

my dots are all gone right now, and it feels so good! :)
last thursday my betreuers came, there were two boys from Münster. and they seem really nice. so am glad that I got them! and they were exchangestudents in Finnland!
on friday I made a list with things that I wanna do this year! so hopefully I can made I lot of the things! :)
yesterday I got the chanse to make lunch once more, and I made pasta carbonara. and my family loved it, and it was really funny that they did it! :) and later that day I went to a friend, Nadin, and it was fun. we sat in her bed for like 4 hours talking about everything. and we mixed it with both english and german.
today I didnt do anything speciall. made a cake with my hostsister. played kniffel with my hostmum and hostsister. made some homework. haha, productive day! ;p

and by the way, it's fathersday in sweden. and it sucks a little bit that I can't be with my dad today! and I love you dad!

me and my dad! <3

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